Butterfly Release Store – Shop for Live Butterflies for Release

Butterfly Release is owned and operated by Michigan Native Butterfly Farm. We offer a variety of Monarch and Painted Lady butterfly release packages for your special occasion.

Types of Live Butterflies for Release

The USDA limits which species of butterflies can be shipped across state lines. However, within each state, any indigenous species raised by a butterfly breeder can be shipped for release.  Contact us for seasonal availability of Michigan species including Monarch, Painted Lady, Eastern Black, Pipevine, Spicebush, Giant & Tiger Swallowtail, Mourning Cloak, Question Mark, Red Admiral, American Lady, Buckeye and more.

Butterfly Release by Michigan Native Butterfly Farm raises many species for release throughout the United States. Please check to see which butterflies can be released in your state by visiting the Association For Butterflies USDA-APHIS-PPQ Butterfly Environmental Release Decision Chart.

We are members of the Association for Butterflies (AFB) and the International Butterfly Breeders Association (IBBA), and adhere to strict guidelines for the rearing, care, and shipment of live butterflies for release. We are certified through AFB for:

  • Disease Prevention in Lepidoptera
  • Butterfly Releases for Weddings
  • Butterfly Releases for Funerals