Wings of Joy
Wings of Joy – 1 Dozen Painted Lady Butterflies in Release Basket

This petite patio pot will lift spirits and last all summer long! Our Wings of Joy gift basket includes 12 Painted Lady butterflies and a fragrant sweet alyssum plant.

Available for local pick-up only at our Carleton and Petersburg, MI locations. Please indicate white or purple flower choice and ribbon color.

Local pickup only . Pre-order today!



Release Painted Lady butterflies at your special event!

Placing your order as soon as possible ensures butterflies for your event.

Care and release instructions are included.

Please note that weather impacts the success of a butterfly release and temperatures must be forecasted for a minimum of 65 degrees.

*We reserve the right to substitute butterflies of equal value if your order is placed fewer than four weeks in advance.

Click Here to see how your butterflies are shipped and our guarantee.

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